International Agro-Ecological and Environmental Conference

August 6-7, 2021
Global Virtual Event

From the four crises humanity currently faces –on public health, job loss, climate instability and extensive food insecurity– a local, sustainable, organic production of food following key agroecological principles can serve as a holistic solution that can easily be implemented planetwide.

Inspired in the work of Dr. Vandana Shiva, the 7th annual Soil Not Oil International Virtual Conference, will focus on practical solutions to the various problems that impact us all, starting with healthy soil that yields healthy plants grown locally by healthy farmers in urban and rural areas.  The use of fossil fuels will diminish as investors divest of their holdings in this sector and as people fight to save forests and indigenous lands to ensure clean water and air. New local jobs will be created by sunsetting fossil fuel consumption. By opting out of supporting fossil fuels as well as policies that privilege profit over people and the companion plague of industrial agriculture based on pesticides, herbicides and CAFOs, we can restore nutrition and healthy living systems. The reduction of COVID deaths among young people due to poor nutrition would reduce our public health crisis significantly. Our current work on community regeneration is inspired by the reality that every crisis is an opportunity to reconsider: What caused it? How it could have been prevented? What must we do in order to prevent similar crises from happening again? By teaching local, simple solutions, we can empower people who agree that a radical shift is needed for us and myriad other endangered species to survive on this planet.

The Soil Not Oil Coalition has been organizing annual conferences since 2011.

2011: Our initial focus began with the historic Justice Begins with Seeds Conference that supported GMO Labeling campaigns by educating community members about the environmental hazards of industrial agriculture, which is highly fueled by the GMO industry.

2015: We expanded our work through the Soil Not Oil International Conference, by which we promote practical soil-based solutions to climate instability through restoring ecosystems and expand environmental justice by offering scholarships to diverse participants.

2021: We are organizing a virtual conference that gathers people from Kenya, Argentina, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Hawaii, Canada, Ecuador, and Colombia, among other countries. In our gender-neutral conference, we will feature speakers of all colors and from all backgrounds—always striving to empower underserved communities, people of color, women and youth.

We encourage local investing to grow community capacity and enable local development internationally. We trust the traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples, and we honor the borderless collaboration among organizations led by women, caretakers of the land, elderly, youth and others whose voices are rarely appropriately represented. We work with such groups in Chiapas in a daily basis. Every year our goal is to provide a platform by which the voiceless, who carry their priceless inherited knowledge, can speak on behalf of their communities.

Soil Not Oil is an educational event in which attendees learn about root causes and effects of climate instability as well as solutions that can lead us towards climate stability. We highly recommend this conference to students, educators, activists, farmers, scientists, investors, policy makers, health providers, families, urban planners and everyone else concerned about life on earth. You can experience what to expect from the Soil Not Oil International Conferences by visiting our Soil Not Oil Coalition You Tube Channel